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I fully support the new location. In addition, however, we need to look at ways to support underprivileged individuals to enjoy the space as well. I propose integrating job procurement assistance, extending to job search workshops, and the ability to check-out professional clothing as one would check-out a book. These programs are essential to ensure everyone can enjoy the space and make it a hub for what is "central" to one's success: books, internet, and opportunities to gain new skills.
Candace Blake
I fully support the Lebreton Flats proposal. It is only about 1 km from Parliament Hill – about the same distance as U of O to Parliament, or the Eaton Center to St. Lawrence Market, or McGill to the Place des Arts – and in my mind, that still counts as “downtown” and “walkable” (especially with the LRT). We have to think about this over the long-term, and as with my Toronto and Montreal examples, 50 to 100 years from now Lebreton Flats will be fully integrated as part of the downtown core, with as many residents as Centretown.
Brian Richardson
Staff member JK submitting comments on behalf of Infoservice Caller Joan Klug: She wanted to suggest the Department of Defence buildings as the perfect location for the new Main Library. If too large, we could partner with Ottawa U libraries, and have shops on the ground floor. The buildings have always looked severe; it would be a win-win to have the new library above the Canal in the heart of the City, and getting a much-needed facelift at the same time. She heard that staff were moving from DND. This would be the perfect opportunity to move into that space.
Joan Klug

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