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I will love to see a beautiful space for Children , including a performance theatre state of the Art and because I am a writer for children I will love to see more support for self published Authors . My book Shine is already in the catalogue and I will like to see the other locations have some of my books I am all for the children and most especially the orphans and sick kids. I want the library to be a big part of there healing
Ngozi Mbonu
Please ensure that the new library will have at least a study room exactly like what the Lorry Greenberg Public Library near Ottawa South Keys area has. If possible, please ensure that each seat has at least an electric socket for the user to plug a laptop or tablet. If you have enough place, please make this room as large and with as many seats as possible. Or, please make multiple study rooms if the new building is a multi-floor slim building. Thanks.
Sifu Low
I fully support the new location. In addition, however, we need to look at ways to support underprivileged individuals to enjoy the space as well. I propose integrating job procurement assistance, extending to job search workshops, and the ability to check-out professional clothing as one would check-out a book. These programs are essential to ensure everyone can enjoy the space and make it a hub for what is "central" to one's success: books, internet, and opportunities to gain new skills.
Candace Blake

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